Drek's Robot Factory

City Location

A City in Quartu

Planetary Location


Galactic Location



Drek's Robofactory was a robotic factory meant to create Senturians for Drek's assistance. It had a small basement where the senturians were created, then they were put on a conveyer belt and dropped in to a panning room where they were scanned for malfunctioning.

There was one computer behind all of this which was Clank's mother. It was a small HP computer, which ordered the number, size and quantity of senturians.


This robofactory was one of many robofactories. It was created at the center of Quartu of the Solana Galaxy. The reason for this location is unknown.


There are several "robofactories" also called "robot-factories" or "roboshacks".

  • Al's Roboshack
  • Edwina's Roboshack
  • Bob's Roboshack
  • Drek's Robofactory

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